It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

First off it warms my heart so much to see so many new followers when I log on. Thank you all. Because it truly means a lot especially when my writing has been less than…

For awhile I was just unmotivated. “Quaratine” for 6 months can do that to a person. And then we got a little taste of freedom again before boom! Christmas is canceled. Maybe not completely, because we all know the real reason of the season, but so many wonderful things are not as they should be.

We’re doing virtual meet and greets with Santa instead of going and sitting on his lap. Or we can wave to him from the car, while he wears a mask. I’m not trying to be a Grinch but literally so many Christmas traditions were canceled locally this week its hard not too.

But I’m trying to make the most of it. And I’m sorry but all the Karens can shove it telling me “not to brag about the gifts I got for my kid because this person lost their job…” — what many don’t know if that I was out of work from April to September. Voluntarily yes, but the reality is that childcare would have cost more. So logically it made sense. Nevermind my low immune system… but why would I work for someone else to watch my kid? So yes, that means I’m beyond proud I was able to come back and have an amazing Christmas for my daughter… and yes I’m still going to share it.

Ugh this really wasn’t supposed to be a Grinch post, I’m sorry. Not exactly the welcome letter I was planning on. OKAY MOVING ON.

If you’re still here I thank you.

While my book review posts have fallen behind I have been reading. I know I made it to 12 books and have lost count since. I would say… maybe 16 at this point. Except for the most important book– the one I publish.

So much for NaNoWriMo I guess. But I did get started and then restarted, again, and again, and just this one last time. So perhaps maybe by spring it could be done.

Well this Grinch got sidetracked with my ranting and just forgot what else I planned on saying… so until next time!

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