We made it…

Well we did it yall.
We have made it halfway through this level of Jumanji. And hopefully it’s the last one. My anxiety and depression can’t handle much more this year.

At least I’m done Christmas shopping, and trying to make the most of what we can do this holiday season. What with our gathering number restricted to 10, our new mandate of having to wear masks inside and outside when we can’t socially distance, and our new curfew of 10pm through January. The curfew is fine, I have no life after 8p anyway.

Like most of us, I’m just over it.

But I’m not going to spend this post being a Grinch again.
I am however going to fill you in on our exciting life in a pandemic.

School closed March 13th. Yes I know the exact date. I took a leave of absence from then until school returned September 9th. Let me tell you, it’s hard returning to a job that doubles your anxiety and depression. But alas bills have a way of coming back.

I had just started a new side job which actually proved to be a blessing during this period. My divorce was finalized. My daughter turned six and luckily the lake opened up right before so we were able to celebrate. I picked up an additional side job, making me the small business owner of not one but now two direct sale businesses. Just waiting on them to be lucrative enough to quit my day job with no worries.

I’ve had to adjust my ways of Classroom mom as we are not allowed in school. In fact I only have met Emma’s teacher twice. And once was last school year! We got lucky on school supply drop off day and caught her. And let me tell you, these kids have come to associate holidays with Ms. Demi’s parties and goodie bags. At least I was still able to organize goodie bags.

We tried Cheerleading but the late practice and the fact that it was just dancing did not bode well with us.

I’m happy to announce that despite my lack of book reviews I’ve read 17 books and just started the 18th one.

We’ve spent too much time on Tik Tok this year and way too much money on the Sims 4. Its fine though because something had to keep us occupied for 6 months!

Now as we prepare for Christmas break, officially Friday but with the weather we might not make it til Friday. There’s anxiety over whether they will actually return. Our Education Association is urging us to go virtual… despite the data showing that kids are less at risk and need to be in a school environment.

Oh well… what do us parents know about the well being of our kids?

Anyways I’m working on my resolutions for the New Year. Its a big year. 30! But thats another post for another day ❤

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