Life Happens

Hello 2021!

Happy New Year all you lovely people!

So I’m not gonna lie… it doesn’t feel like New Years.

And that’s all the complaints I’m going to share I promise!

Christmas was good in our household, we are now the Proud Owners of a Baby Yoda.

Praise God– school is also returning Monday!

Real talk, my child actually enjoys school and it was the #1 thing on her “when Covid is over” list. I just want to be able to come in and be able to do my class parties again, I miss my kiddos.

SO, I really don’t remember all my resolutions BUT I know that I always aim to read 12 books. I ended on Book #19! This year I hope to actually read the hardcover books I’ve ordered, like my autographed copy from The Bella Twins.

This year I am aiming to lose 50lbs by May to kick off 30 at my healthiest. I have a Virutal 32 mile race to start 2021 with… what is that even called? I know a 5k is 3 miles… Anyway I just want to be healthier and love myself more.

I am also hoping to start the house buying process and find my forever home… But wait– what happened to the house you mentioned a few months ago? Well… long story short without major complaining– the owner was way way way behind on remodeling & due to back communication on their half, I ended up deciding not to continue with that. But you know I believe everything happens for a reason, so it wasn’t just meant to be.

I always hate that I had so much to say prior to typing, it could be that I’m watching a friend’s Live Sale and my dear sweet child is re-watching the New Years Eve Countdown, and super distracted. I’m glad she’s feeling festive though.

I will say that I am hoping to be more pro-active writing, I started NaNoWriMo in November but kept restarting and well here I am unfinished again ahah. I will also be posting links towards my small businesses– absolutely NO pressure to buy, but hey if you like having your nails done and need some awesome skin care definitely check it out!

Here’s to a better year with 2021!

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