About Demi

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I’m Demi & welcome to The Lupie Momma With Love, Demi.

I had an idea for a blog for awhile now, played around on a few different sites, all while trying to figure out how to make my blog stand out in the crowd. Then the idea hit me like a big yellow school bus. ‘You’re a regular gal, a mother, AND you’re living with a chronic illness!’ Honestly I’m surprised it took me as long as it did to come up with the idea.

What’s my chronic illness? I have an autoimmune disorder called Lupus– where simply put my body sees itself as a virus and attacks itself. I was diagnosed October 2015 and you can read the short version of my diagnosis story here.

Now, like many things in life– things don’t always go as planned, and the turn out of my blog is no exception. Somewhere along the lines, I veered off onto a different path. While my goal is still to raise awareness for Lupus, and possibly help even just ONE person who has been diagnosed with this illness; my current chapter in life is more about adjusting to life during & after divorce, as a mother and as an individual.

Being the phoenix rising from the ashes.

And on this journey there will be laughs, tears, life-hacks, reviews, and just a lovely assortment of chaos. And of course the occasional sprinkling of Lupus. So, thank you for venturing on this journey with me. Whether you’ve been here since my first post in 2017, or you’re just now joining the ride now.

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You may be wondering why I included pictures that required being blurred out. The answer is simple, my daughter is my life and thus she is more often than not in the picture with me. But because I can not monitor every single person who stumbles across my page, I take the appropriate measures– thus rarely, if ever, showing front facing pictures of her.